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You can buy new and used iPhones from the iPhone 7 and newer models



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You can buy new and used iPad / Tablet 2018 and newer models



You can buy new and used MacBook 2015 and newer models

You can Buy In 3 Easy Steps


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We understand how important trust is to our clients, so we never take steps that would risk damaging our trusting relationship with them. We build our exemplary reputation as an iPhone buyer in the Las Vegas area. Not only have we earned stellar ratings on online platforms but believe it or not, most of all came through face-to-face interactions with clients just like you!

We sell both new and refurbished devices. you can buy all models of iPhones, iPad, Samsung Phones, and MacBooks also from the oldest to the latest.

Depending on the item purchased, we typically ship orders within 12-24 hours of receiving payment. We accept various forms of payment including PayPal, Cash App, Zelle bank transfers, and Cash in Hand.

Yes! We offer special discounts for bulk purchases and repeat customers; please contact us directly for more information.

Yes! All our new devices come with the manufacturer’s warranty while all our refurbished devices come with a 30-days warranty and also we have a 14-day return policy for all items purchased through our website or in-store unless otherwise stated during checkout

While our refurbished products may not necessarily be certified by Apple, they are inspected thoroughly by our technicians to ensure they meet our high standards before being sold.

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